Return & refund policy

Note: This policy does not apply to restricted products (products that do not apply returns) listed in the details below.

You can directly return the goods at the contact address on the website:

You can make a free return within 07 days from the date of delivery for products ordered at The products that are returned must be products that are not on the restricted list, have no signs of being used and still have the original stamps, marks and belts (unless the product is faulty or damaged during transportation). In addition, to make returns, customers must keep the purchase documents at

The return process is carried out when the parcel is returned at the warehouse of We will take further steps to check product quality and make exchanges/returns or refunds at your request and as set out in section II of this policy.
Some conditions may be included, please refer to the details below:

I. Cases of return

  1. Return according to customer’s needs (return because of unsym nhue)
    All items purchased from and not included in the restricted list below are refundable within 07 days of receiving the goods (unless otherwise specified). We only accept returns for products that are still under the original conditions, while purchase documents (invoices, coupons, etc.) at & uns used products, including and not limited to:
  • Intact packaging, raw seal of packaging and packaging is not torn
  • Full range of parts, details, accessories.
  • Warranty stamps, brand stamps, technical instructions and accompanying gifts (if any) etc. must be complete and intact
  • There is no data in the product with the storage device.
  • Do not get dirty, scratched, broken, damaged or used
  1. Non-subjective returns from customers

2.1. Delivery is broken, wrong content or missing encourages customers to check the external condition of the container and products before payment to ensure that the goods are delivered in the right type, quantity, color according to the order and the external condition is not affected (broken / scratched). If this is the case, please refuse to receive the goods and/or immediately notify the customer support department so that we have a timely treatment plan. (Please note that further inspection steps such as product trial can only be accepted after the order is paid in full.)

In case the customer has paid, received the goods and then found the goods broken, wrong content or missing goods, please take a picture of the product at the time of receiving the goods from the carrier, and send it to our mailbox for our support next steps such as exchange / return or send the missing product to you …

After 24 hours from the date you receive the, you have the right to refuse support for complaints according to the above contents.

2.2. Delivery of technical faults

The product is only considered a technical error when confirmed from the technical center or warranty center of our product or sales and technical department

When you have a problem with the product ordered at, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Check how to use the product yourself, the operations are guided in the “Manual” that comes with each product (if any).
Step 2: You contact the technical center / warranty is in the manual or warranty card of the product (if any). For some lines without paper/manuals, we often post usage details on the website in the information page of that product. Please visit and read this user manual carefully.
Step 3: Within 07 days from the date of delivery, if you are confirmed from the technical center or warranty center of the product or from us that the product is technically faulty, please contact us about the return.
If you are unable to contact the product’s technical/warranty center, please contact us immediately

In our experience, more than half of the finished products due to technical faults after being inspected by the technical department are evaluated as being in perfect conditions of use. Therefore, to save time and convenience for you, please read carefully the user manual (accompanying the product or on the website) or contact directly with the technical support of our product or Hotline to make sure that the product has been assembled, connected and operated correctly before shipping back to

In case the returned product does not have a technical error from the manufacturer, but because you do not know how to use it, we will return the original product to you and you will bear this shipping cost.

II. Refund policy

Depending on the reason for returning the product to the quality assessment results at the warehouse, will have refund methods with details as follows:

Serzee will only refund the “Buyer” when “Seller” confirms that he has received the “Return.” In the event that “Seller” does not respond within the pre-specified period of time, Serzee will automatically refund the “Buyer” without further notice. Depending on the circumstances, the refund will be transferred to the credit card/bank account specified by the “Buyer” .

Note: With COD orders, Buyer is responsible for providing bank account information to receive refunds.

For more information or questions, please contact us at a support phone number or leave a message. Thank you very much.



Form of delivery

Door-to-door delivery: Serzee provides nationwidedeliveryservice, sending goods to your delivery address

Customer address

Expected delivery time

Carry out transportation

Inner city: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang

3 days since the order was confirmed

Shipping partners

Provincial inner city routes

3-5 days after the order is confirmed

Shipping partners

Out-of-town routes in provinces (towns and districts)

7-10 days after the order is confirmed

Shipping partners


  • Serzee will deliver during the operating hours (8h – 17h on the same day), if there are any requests to receive goods outside this time, please send the request to Serzee at the time of purchase.
  • In case of not meeting the above expected time due to objective/subjective reasons Serzee will contact you to re-agree.
  • In case of delayed delivery without notice, you can refuse to receive the goods and we will refund the full amount that you pre-paid (if any) within 7-10 days.
  • The company commits that all goods sent to you are 100% new genuine goods (full invoices, official warranty). The risks arising during transportation (bumps, dampness, accidents ..) can affect the goods, so please check the goods carefully before signing. Serzee will not be liable for any deviations in the form of the goods after you have signed the goods.




  1. Privacy policy and information sharing
  2. Purpose

SERZEE.COM respect your privacy, want to protect your personal information and billing information. The “Privacy Policy” below are the commitments we make, to respect and protect the rights of our visitors.


  1. Specific regulations

2.1/ Gathering information

– When customers make transactions / register to open an account the customer must provide some necessary information.

– Customers are responsible for ensuring the right information and always update the most complete and accurate.


2.2/ Storage and security of private information

– Customer information, as well as exchanges between customers and SERZEE, are stored and secured by SERZEE’s system.

– SERZEE has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent the unauthorized access and use of customer information.


2.3/ Use of customer information

* SERZEE has the right to use the customer information provided to:

– Delivery at the address you provide.

– Provide information related to products, benefits, offers or other letters.

– Processing orders and providing services and information through the website at your request.

– Use the information collected from cookies to improve the user experience and the quality of our


  1. Link to another website

– Customers are responsible for protecting their account information and not providing any information related to accounts and passwords accessed on on websites and other access requests.


  1. Sharing customer information

SERZEE undertakes not to share customer information with any other company except those and third parties directly involved in the delivery. We may disclose or provide your personal information in the following circumstances:

– At the request of law enforcement agencies.

– Share customer information with partners running ads such as Google such as re-marketing customers based on customer behavior.

– Market research and analytical reports and absolutely not transferred to third parties.


  1. Contact, answer, ask questions.

Whenever customers need assistance, please contact:

Customer support hotline: +84 28 7305 6263

Email: [email protected]


For questions about the program, please contact:

Customer service hotline: +84 28 7301 3639

Email: [email protected]